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Please feel free to take a look around to learn more about our safety consulting, industrial hygiene, and ergonomics services. We have the expertise and experience  identify and address loss drivers to reduce worker injuries  and to sustain a process moving forward. If you have any questions at all, please contact us to learn more on how we may assist you!

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  • Our ergonomic group provides broad-based development and implementation assistance for soft-tissue injury management programs in retail, service and manufacturing entities of all sizes.
  • Our industrial hygiene service line is the oldest and most established group within the Reed Environmental, Inc family.
  • Reed Environmental, Inc. offers a broad range of safety consulting services by Board Certified Professionals.

Safety Services

Reed Environmental, Inc. offers a broad range of safety consulting services by Board Certified Professionals. Our field consultants bring decades of professional-level experience in safety and risk management in the manufacturing, transportation, service, and public sectors. We are also experienced in providing loss control services to third party administrators for captives, large group deductible, and other alternative risks markets.
The following services are provided:

  • Quantifiable management best practices auditing
  • Benchmarking of current environmental health and safety management efforts
  • ESH policy and process development
  • Establishing measurable accountabilities and responsibilities for safety improvement
  • Customized safety and health policy and procedure document preparation
  • Site-specific process assessments
  • Lock out / tag out assessments
  • Confined space entry assessments
  • Machine hazards / guarding assessments
  • Development and delivery of customized safety and health training programs
  • Regulatory compliance auditing & benchmarking
  • Mock OSHA inspections
  • Assistance in minimizing the impact and cost of OSHA site visits using former senior compliance officers


Let Reed Environmental, Inc. drive the development and implementation of a sustainable ergonomic hazards management process in your organization. The prevention of soft-tissue injuries and a reduction in economic losses due to ergonomic injuries are accomplished through task redesign, training and medical management. We can provide the tools and training for you staff to maintain the process. Our ergonomic consultants can help you improve productivity and put an end to costly back, shoulder and other ergonomic-related soft-tissue injuries by providing:

  • Facility audits to determine general ergonomic-related risks and exposures;
  • Best practice assessments of ergonomic hazards and medical management control processes;
  • Lean/ergonomic job task assessments of the key jobs, including the categorization and prioritization of ergonomic exposure risks;
  • Recommendations for engineering redesign and/or workplace modifications to reduce risks, improve productivity and drive out wastes and inefficiencies;
  • A practical blueprint for integrating an ergonomic management process into all core business value streams;
  • Dynamic ergonomic risk awareness training to workstation operators to elicit immediate incremental improvement in productivity and risk reduction;
  • Customized tools, forms and educational resources, including training for lean manufacturing groups, safety committees, EHS personnel, industrial engineers and plant management personnel using classroom instruction and practice with hands-on job and task assessment techniques using in-plant video assessments of jobs;
  • Development of job descriptions, functional capacity assessments, and post-offer evaluations; and
  • Assist with the implementation of other effective medical management processes aimed at reducing medical and disability costs.

Industrial Hygiene

Our industrial hygiene service line is the oldest and most established group within the Reed Environmental, Inc. family. Our comprehensive industrial hygiene services include the following:

  • Industrial hygiene exposure and risk assessment audits;
  • Chemical exposure evaluation, monitoring and control;
  • Indoor air quality assessments, bioaerosol monitoring and building remediation consulting;
  • Development and management of OSHA health compliance and medical management programs;
  • Personal protective equipment auditing, training and compliance assessments;
  • Occupational noise surveys and regulatory compliance assistance;
  • Litigation support and expert witness services
  • Development and delivery of site-specific training programs for hazard communication, occupational noise, indoor air quality, personal protective equipment, exposure assessments, and other topics.

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